Gravestone Mod for Minecraft [1.10.2/1.9.4/1.8.9]

Gravestone Mod for Minecraft [1.10.2/1.9.4/1.8.9]

Credits: NightKosh
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Gravestones in Minecraft don’t really look great to begin with. This is why it can be a good idea to resort to a mod that will help you enhance the visuals for gravestones in the best way that you can. The Gravestone Mod offers you an interesting way to have gravestones in Minecraft. It will basically allow you to gain access to gravestones and these will immediately spawn when the player is dead.

This mod also enables you to spawn cemeteries in villages, it can even help you do that in catacombs as well. This is a simple addition to the game and not everyone might use it. But if you are a fan of the spooky stuff or you just want a good Halloween mod, the Gravestone Mod for Minecraft is a really nice option for sure.

The gravestones will appear no matter if a villager, a cat or anything else dies. It’s a great way to explore memories in Minecraft and it does bring in front some really nice opportunities if you are an avid player for the game.

These gravestones will also provide you with a great way to find the XP and items that you dropped a lot faster. It’s a great addition to Minecraft, even if you are a vetted player with a lot of experience and want to spruce up the way you play. It’s not easy to get into the mod at first, but with the right approach you will see that nothing is impossible here!

Plus, this mod will automatically add gravestones to plenty of NPC villages. That alone makes the game a lot more interesting, because it does add some purpose to the cemeteries as a whole. These don’t appear in each village, but there will be some that will appear at times and the results will be very interesting to begin with. Many times you will find villagers with a bad AI and they can easily get trapped or die without that much of a problem.

Overall, the Gravestone Mod is a lot of fun so installing it is indeed a very good idea that you will enjoy quite a bit. It can be a little tough at times but the mod does a stellar job at integrating everything properly. You should totally consider giving it a shot. It’s all about exploring all the options offered here, and thankfully the graveyards included with the Gravestone Mod for Minecraft can be found anywhere in the world. Plus, there are some special ones that are filled with rare and great loot. Keep that in mind when you install the Gravestone Mod and go on your next adventure!


Graves configurations

GeneratePlayerGraves (true/false) – generate graves at player death
GenerateVillagerGraves (true/false) – generate graves at villagers death
GeneratePetGraves (true/false) – generate graves at pets death
GenerateGravesInLava (true/false) – generate graves on death in lava
GenerateSwordGraves (true/false) – generate sword graves at death
SilkTouchForGraves (true/false) – harvest graves only with silk touch pickaxe
CanPlaceGravesEveryWhere (true/false) – place graves on any type of surface
SavedItemsCount – saved items count(must be between 0 and 40)
SpawnRate – spawn rate of monsters from graves(must be 1800 or higher)
SpawnChance – mob spawn chance by grave(must be between 0 and 100)

Structures configurations

GenerateSingleGraves (true/false) – generation of single graves
GenerateMemorials (true/false) – generation of memorials blocks
GenerateUndertaker (true/false) – generation of undertaker house in villages
GenerateCemeteries (true/false) – generation of cemeteries in villages
GenerateCatacombs (true/false) – generation of catacombs
GenerateVillageMemorials (true/false) – generation of memorials in villages

Monsters configurations

SpawnSkeletonCats – spawn skeleton cats in the world
SpawnSkeletonDogs – spawn skeleton dogs in the world
SpawnZombieCats – spawn zombie cats in the world
SpawnZombieDogs – spawn zombie dogs in the world

Death messages(This option temporary turned off)
You can set custon names and death messages for generating graves and memorials.
Each object have own file. You can find it in “%minecraft_config_folder%/GraveStoneMod”.

Bone blocks

Skull Candles

You can use Thaumcraft and forestry candles too.

This recipes can be deactivated

Console Commands:

You can generate some structures by next command:


Where is “catacombs”, “memorial or “grave”.

You can fill your grave by any items. Just place items in chest and enter this command:


*there is a small bug – sometime this commands didn’t work. In this case restart minecraft.
How Do You Install Gravestone Mod for Minecraft?

Download the Minecraft Forge first. Install and run it on your profile list.
Download the Gravestone Mod. The version that you will choose should be compatible with the version of your Minecraft.
Go to the game folder of Minecraft and find the mod folder.
Add the .jar file into the mod folder. If it is in a zip or rar format, extract the files inside the mod folder.
Load the game, and if you do it correctly, you will be able to use the mod.

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What is this mod use for:

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Useful Information:
- How to install Minecraft mods
- Minecraft Forge 1.14.4 / 1.12.2 (All Versions)

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