Better Villages Mod for MC [1.8]

Better Villages Mod for MC [1.8]

Credits: Twinklez
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Better Villages Mod for Minecraft

Villages spawn randomly in the world in Minecraft. They naturally generate in savanna, desert, and plains biomes. The number of buildings that compose a village can vary, and there are times when a village spawns without all the buildings at once. But the problem with villages is that their spawn rate is too slow, and they are found far from each other. The good news is that you can use the Better Villages Mod to improve the spawn rates and a lot more.

Minecraft developers have managed to improve how villages generate in the world, but there is still a lot that players wish for. Better Villages Mod brings a lot of positive changes to the game. When you use either Better Villages Mod 1.7.10 or Better Villages Mod 1.8, you will now have the chance to spawn a village in every biome in the world as long as it has flat land. They can spawn in mountains, jungles, and even in the ocean. The only place they can’t spawn is The End Biome.

Villages now have a better AI. They spawn five or more at the beginning and extends land into flat land. When left alone, the village can break apart any block that is on its way. It can even break blocks that are 75 blocks over the them.

(Ice Village)

With the use of Better Villages Mod, biomes will have a fixed spawn rate for villages. That means you will not see 500 villages in a single biome. The villagers walk on terrain unlike before. They have better AI and can detect the path to walk on. You should take note that villagers still have a low chance of attacking zombies. They will only attack zombies if the Golem Spawn Rate is below 10 percent, which is a rare condition.

Better Villages Mod has fixed the issues that most players have with the village’s spawn rate. The mod also added a couple of extra features that make it one of the best mods today. When you use it, you will be able to spawn swamp, jungle, or even ice villages. The possibility of a village spawning in the middle of the ocean is also something to look out for.

Overall, Better Villages is one of those mods that can help make your life playing Minecraft more exciting. It is also easy to install. You just need to download the zip file and drag all the single class files into minecraft.jar. The BetterVillages.cfg should be placed in the .minecraft directory. And after that you are all set. At present, Better Villages Mod 1.8 is the most current version available. Download it today and experience how villages are supposed to work in the game.

How to install Better Villages Mod:

To use our Better Villages Mod, you should follow the following procedure.

Download and install Minecraft Forge
Download zip file
Drag the every single class file inside your minecraft.jar
Drag BetterVillages.cfg into the .minecraft directory
Remember to put singleAI into minecraft.jar as well

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What is this mod use for:

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Useful Information:
- How to install Minecraft mods
- Minecraft Forge 1.14.4 / 1.12.2 (All Versions)

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