Inventory Pets Mod for MC [1.10.2/1.9.4/1.8.9]

Inventory Pets Mod for MC [1.10.2/1.9.4/1.8.9]

Credits: Purplicious_Cow
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Inventory Pets Mod for Minecraft

Pets Inventory is a mod that adds pet inventory or pocket, but in reality will not physically mobs, but that will be animated objects representing animals or monsters. These objects once placed in our inventory, we transferred certain skills or special function, linked directly to the animal or mob in question without having the object in our hands.

Inventory Pets have unique and powerful abilities that become active when they are in your inventory hotbar. These effects expire if they are taken out of your hotbar or they have not been fed. Bad owner! Almost all effects continue to work in Creative Mode, though the Pets will not get hungry or require feeding.

Inventory Pets can be acquired in two different ways:

All pets, except for Legendary, are craftable using vanilla Minecraft materials. Material requirements are higher for rarer and more powerful pets.
Pets can be found in four special places in the Overworld: Sea Caves, Cloud Dungeons, Treetops, and underground Dungeons.

Mob Pets:


Explodes [Right Click] Immune to explosions
Food: Gunpowder
Recipe: O = Emerald Nuggets


Teleport [Right Click] Auto-teleport when health is low (bugged!)
Food: Obsidian Nuggets
Recipe: O = Coal Nugget


Shoots Fireballs [Right Click] Food: Blaze Powder
Recipe: O = Nether Quartz

Iron Golem

Temporary Shield [Right Click] Food: Iron Ingots
Recipe: O = Iron Ingots
Notes: Shield lasts for 2 minutes

Magma Cube

Fire resistance
Walk on Lava
Food: Nether Quartz
Recipe: O = Redstone, F = Gold Nuggets (bug!)

Snow Golem

Gives you Snowballs
Food: Pumpkins
Recipe: O = Quartz Ore


Jump boost
Wall climb
Gives you String
Food: Raw Meat
Recipe: O = Coal Nugget


Lifesteal 25%
Immune to Wither Effect
Food: Soul Sand
Recipe: O = Coal Nugget, D = Nether Star
Notes: 25% of damage dealt heals you

Peaceful Pets:


Speed boost
Gives you Eggs
Food: Seeds
Recipe: O = Feather


Removes negative potion effects
Fills empty buckets with Milk
Food: Wheat
Recipe: Left O = Coal Nugget, Right O = Iron Nugget
Notes: Must keep empty buckets in inventory


Night vision
Scares away Creepers
Food: Fish
Recipe: O = Gold Nugget


Bonus hunger saturation
Can eat poisoned foods
Gives you Porkchops
Food: Carrots
Recipe: O = Redstone


Slow fall
Gives you Wool
Food: Wheat
Recipe: O = Wool


Water breathing
Underwater vision
Swim boost
Food: Fish
Recipe: O = Lapis Nugget

Utility Pets:


Slowly auto-repairs damaged items in Inventory
Food: Iron Nuggets
Recipe: O = Iron Ingot
Notes: Only works in Survival (currently). Repairs every 1-3 minutes when in hotbar.


Sleep [Right Click] Food: Wool
Recipe: O = Redstone

Brewing Stand

Brews random potion [Right Click] Food: Nether Wart
Recipe: O = Cobblestone


Open [Right Click] Food: Logs
Recipe: O = Wood Planks, F = Iron Nugget

Crafting Table

Craft [Right Click] Food: Logs
Recipe: O = Wood Planks

Double Chest

Open [Right Click] Food: Logs
Recipe: O = Wood Planks, F = Gold Nugget

Enchanting Table

Enchant [Right Click] Food: Books
Recipe: O = Obsidian Nuggets


Smelts first item in hotbar [Right Click] Food: Coal
Recipe: O = Cobblestone
Notes: Smelts first smeltable item in hotbar


Play Record, Pause Record, Play Next Record [Right Click] Food: Redstone
Recipe: O = Wood Planks
Notes: Need to work on controls here, not so intuitive.

Nether Portal

Teleport to Nether (and back) [Right Click] Food: Obsidian Nuggets or Nether Quartz
Recipe: O = Obsidian Nuggets
Notes: Currently does not save spawnpoints (bug)

Special Pets:


Secret of Life
Food: Diamond Nuggets
Recipe: O = Lapis Nuggets, D = Nether Star


Uses Sonar to help you locate ores and gems
Food: Diamond Nuggets
Recipe: O = Cyan Dye
Notes: Pings louder and faster when near. Double ping means you are ‘in line’ with the Ore. Higher pitched ping means you are targeting a valuable gem. Cross mod compatible.

Purplicious Cow

Health regeneration
Fills empty buckets with Lava
Food: Diamond Nuggets
Recipe: Left O = Lapis Nugget, Right O = Iron Nugget, D = Diamond

Quantum Crystal Monster

Summons minions [Right Click] Food: Lapis Nuggets
Recipe: O = Obsidian Nuggets

Legendary Pets:

Black Hole

Slow time
Food: Obsidian Nuggets
Notes: Slows all mobs and mob projectiles (arrows, fireballs), and gives you Matrix-like escape abilities.


Fast flight
Lightning strike
Food: Nether Quartz


Food: Glowstone Dust


Saves you from certain death
Food: Golden Apples


Dungeon Facts

Sky Dungeons are protected by Blazes, which only appear when you are near the Chest. This is the only place you have a chance to get a Cloud Pet.
Sea Caves are protected by underwater breathing Cave Spiders. This is the only place you will have a chance to find the Pufferfish Pet.
Underground Dungeons are protected by fast-moving Zombies. This is the only place to find the Black Hole.
Treetops are the only unprotected Pet hiding spot, but may be harder to find. This is the only place where you have a chance of finding the Slime Pet.

Inventory Pets Mod Installation:

Download and install Minecraft Forge API
Download the Inventory Pets Mod.
Go to %appdata%.
Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
If one does not exist you can create one.
Enjoy the mod.

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