Frozencraft Mod for Minecraft [1.8]

Frozencraft Mod for Minecraft [1.8]

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Frozencraft Mod are unique armor sets as well, which allow you to look like a number of different Frozen characters on the fly, but not all the armor sets are purely cosmetic. For instance, you can get a dress and garb like the one Elsa wore in the movie, which will let you throw snowballs, walk on water and lava, and more.

Frozencraft Mod send me his old service record is a creation of the characters in the cartoon frozen. Please download and install MOD send me his old service record Frozencraft to feel different things from different film Minecraft in games.


Elsa (Friendly)
Anna (Friendly)
Kristoff (Friendly)
Hans (Hostile)
The Duke of Weselton (Hostile)
The Dukes Thugs [1 &2] (Hostile)


Elsa’s Armor:

It is much stronger than diamond and very durable. When the entire Elsa Armor is equipped, you gain the ability to walk on water and lava (the water will change to ice underfoot and lava into obsidian). You also gain Elsa’s power and can shoot an “ice bolt” that will do some damage and turn any block it touches into an ice bloch SO BE VERY CAREFUL. You must lear to control your powers.

Anna’s Armor
It is stronger than diamond but not as strong as Elsa’s armor.
Kristoff’s Armor
Hans’ Armor
Hans’ Sword:
Does 6.5 damage (between iron and diamond)
Kristoff’s Pickaxe
Elsa’s Glove:
When held in hand and right click, it projects snowballs. Spam it all you want!
Ice Saw:
It is a multi tool as well so it can be used as an axe or shovel, not a pickaxe though. When Hard ice, there is a 5% chance of a Frozen Heart to drop. It works, I’ve tried it and gotten a frozen heart. Be patient, I promise you’ll get it eventually.

Frozen Heart:

Obtained by breaking Hard ice with the Ice saw. It is used in Anna and Elsa’s armor crafting recipes. When right clicked while in hand, it will toggledownfall.

Hard Ice:

Found where normal ice can be found. When broken with the Ice saw there is a 5% chance a Frozen Heart will drop.


Elsa Crafting Recipes:

Elsa’s Tiara
Elsa’s Bodice
Elsa’s Skirt
Elsa’s Heels
Elsa’s Glove
Anna Crafting Recipes:

Anna’s Cap
Anna’s Bodice
Anna’s Skirt
Anna’s Boots
Kristoff Crafting Recipes:

Kristoff’s Cap
Kristoff’s Jacket
Kristoff’s Pants
Kristoff’s Boots
Kristoff’s Pickaxe (That is a block of snow in the top middle)
Ice Saw

Hans Crafting Recipes:

Hans’ Hair
Hans’ Top
Hans’ Pants
Hans’ Boots
Hans’ Sword

Hans Crafting Recipes:

Hans’ Hair
Hans’ Top
Hans’ Pants
Hans’ Boots
Hans’ Sword

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