Extra Golems 1.16.1 Mod

Extra Golems 1.16.1 Mod

Credits: skyjay1
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Extra Golems adds a massive amount of new golems to protect your villages. They can be made out of nearly any block and all have different strengths, abilities and damage. All you need is a Golem Spell and combine that with a pumpkin to make the Golem Head.

Then you need to make a T shape with the desired blocks. So if you wanted a wooden golem make the T shape and then place the golem head on top. You can make golems to reflect any variety of wood or wool or stone depending on which type you use for the T shape base. And as soon as you place the head it will immediately spawn a golem!

This mod does also includes a guidebook to help determine what type of golem you might want to craft.

It gives details on what each type of golem can do or withstand and what abilities they have. This will be incredibly useful if you want to tailor your golems to particular biomes or specific conditions. You might benefit from a mighty obsidian or quartz golem for maybe you simply want one made entirely of glass.

Some golems even retain the same core functions as the blocks used to craft them. Furnace and dispenser golems can smelt items and shoot arrows as well as golems made from crafting tables that can be used as mobile crafting tables.

And there are even some golems, specifically made with slime or honey, that have additional sustainability by splitting in two when their full size health has been depleted. This gives an extra layer of defense if your village is overwhelmed.

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