Everlasting Abilities Mod 1.11.2/1.10.2

Everlasting Abilities Mod 1.11.2/1.10.2

Credits: kroeser
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Everlasting Abilities Mod brings Minecrafters forever lasting abilities and you won’t have to carry around specific items. This is an interesting mod. Download and Enjoy!
Getting Started:

If you first spawn in a world, you will receive an Ability Bottle with a random ability.

Right-clicking this bottle, will open a window in which you can move the ability to your player.

Moving abilities to your player requires a certain amount of experience, moving them back to the bottle will give you back that experience.

Abilities have a maximum level, so don’t try to get yourself 20 levels of the speed ability…

The following abilities are available:

Flight: Allows you to fly
Step Assist: Automatically step up a certain number of blocks depending on the level
Fertility: Animals in the area become fertile
Bonemealer: Bonemeal the area
Power Stare: Push away entities you’re looking at
Magnetize: Attract nearby items
Speed: Walk faster
Haste: Mine faster
Strength: Inflict more damage when attacking
Jump Boost: Jump Higher
Regeneration: Regenerate health faster
Resistance: Take less damage from attacks
Fire Resistance: Take less damage from fire
Water Breathing: Breathe underwater
Invisibility: Become invisible
Night Vision: See in the dark
Absorption: Adds absorption hearts
Saturation: Reduce hunger
Luck: Have a higher chance on better loot
Slowness: Entities in the area move slower
Mining Fatigue: Entities in the area mine slower
Nausea: Entities in the area get nauseous
Blindness: Entities in the area become blind
Hunger: Entities in the area become hungry
Weakness: Entities in the area become weaker
Poison: Entities in the area become poisoned
Wither: Entities in the area become withered
Glowing: Entities in the area start glowing
Levitation: Entities in the area start levitating
Unluck: Entities in the area have a lower chance on good loot

Abilities that target entities in an area won’t be applied to players that are in the same team as you.

Every ability can be disabled in the config file.

If you die, at the hand of a player, you will lose one random ability. This ability will drop in an Ability Totem, which the other player can pickup and use for themself. (This behaviour can be changed in the config file)

Ability totems with random abilities can be found in loot chests.

Certain mobs will also drop abilities. These mobs can be identified by looking at their particle effects, the color of the effects shows the rarity of their ability.

This mod collects anonymized startup data, this can be disabled in the config file and adheres to Minecraft’s snooper settings.
Mod Installation Guide:

Simply download the Minecraft Forge API 1.11.2 latest version and run it.
Download and Install Cyclops Core
Type %appdata%/.minecraft/mods on the Start Menu and download the mod.
Move the zip or Jar file to the folder “mods”
You’re ready to play!

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What is this mod use for:

Have you ever heard of Minecraft Mod? We bet that yes! But, if there is still someone who is not aware of it, we can fix it quickly! It is one of the best ways to improve your game in just few clicks. All you need to do is choose Minecraft mod Download and add it to your game. We offer a great variety of different types and modifications so that everyone would find the most suitable solution. Although the best way to test it is simply to try and to explore bright new features right now.

Useful Information:
- How to install Minecraft mods
- Minecraft Forge 1.14.4 / 1.12.2 (All Versions)

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